Vicodin detox is the first step in recovery from Vicodin addiction, and in order to start the Vicodin detox process, making the call for help is crucial. At Spencer Recovery Centers we offer a safe environment within a medical facility and have helped many addicts go through the pain associated with Vicodin detox. Our program is multifaceted and can continue past just the Vicodin detox if the client so chooses. Through our structured Vicodin detox program each client knows that he/she is well taken care of and under the supervision of medical professionals.

Vicodin is an opiate and produces effects similar to drugs such as morphine and heroin. Vicodin’s chemical composition reacts with an addict’s body and changes the way in which the body and mind process information and function. Vicodin detox is necessary to cleanse the body of toxins, and although it is good to go through this process, it is not very comfortable.

In order to make sure that the Vicodin detox is as easy as possible, our specialists are able to assist each client in a variety of ways. First our staff assesses the addiction and figures out the way in which a person used the drug. By understanding the severity of the addiction our staff is better able to help a client withdraw. In addition, Spencer Recovery Centers is fully staffed with medical specialists and we keep each client under close observation to make sure that he/she is safe throughout the process. During our years of experience we have found that our heightened interest in the client’s safety increases the level of trust and security. Medical specialists check up on each client’s vital signs and make sure to ask how the person is feeling to ensure safety. Our nutritionist is also included in the vicodin detox process and creates a strict and specific meal plan to help the body’s detox go more smoothly.

Aside from the physical detox, we also focus on the mental addiction that the person also has to overcome. During the detox process, even though the addict wants to be sober, the mind will want to put more Vicodin into the system, because it thinks it needs it to function. There is a much higher possibility for Vicodin detox success within a controlled environment because the addict has no access to more of the drug at weak moments.

Since Vicodin is an opiate, its high potency makes it extremely difficult to come down off the drug. Vicodin detox symptoms include cold sweats, nausea, convulsions, dizziness and delirium. These symptoms are painful to go through, however the body must be free of all toxins in order to begin the recovery treatment process.

Vicodin detox is the bridge for the addict into a life of recovery. Vicodin detox can help save your life or the life of someone who is close to you. Vicodin detox is the first step in a long and rewarding journey towards sobriety and it begins with the first phone call to Spencer Recovery Centers. If you or someone you love is in need of a Vicodin detox and has no where else to turn, call us today and find out how our program can work for you. Please do not wait any longer, Vicodin addiction can be stopped, and it starts with you.