Vicodin withdrawal is the period in which an addict’s body detoxes off Vicodin, and although Vicodin withdrawal is difficult, it is required for any addict to begin recovery. Vicodin withdrawal places an immense amount of strain on the body because the body must relearn how to live without relying upon certain outside chemicals. Many addicts try to go through Vicodin withdrawal ‘cold turkey’, or without the use of a medical facility, and find that they are unable to deal with the pain of detoxing. Instead of going though the unnecessary pain of this process alone, it is much easier and much more beneficial to go through a medical detox under the supervision of professionals. When Vicodin withdrawal is done at a medical facility, it is much easier for specialists to help an addict through the process and make sure that everything is going as it should.

Vicodin addiction is just like any other type of drug addiction and, like all addicts, Vicodin addicts must also go though the withdrawal period in order to recovery. The discomfort associated with Vicodin withdrawal ranges based on the person’s use and length of time the drug was taken. Because Vicodin addiction often goes unnoticed until it is very severe, drug addicts that go through Vicodin withdrawal usually have a high tolerance of the drug and are taking anywhere form 30 to 100 pills daily. For some addicts, tapering them off the drug may be necessary because the body would react adversely and unpredictable if taken off the drug completely. In less serious cases, the withdrawal period tends to be shorter and less uncomfortable.

Vicodin withdrawal is a two-part process and consists of both the physical and mental withdrawal. Most likely, the addict will not be able to tell the difference because the pain is so great, but the mind and the body feel the effects of Vicodin withdrawal at the same time. The mind and the body are both obsessed with and craving more of the drug, thus characterizing addiction. As the body begins to come off of the drug the body tells the mind that it needs more Vicodin in order to function properly. Vicodin users that are in full-blown addiction lie, cheat and steal so that they can obtain more drugs.

Vicodin is an opiate and has similar characteristics to drugs like heroin, codeine, and opium. This drug works fast to numb pain and sensory reactions, but over time more of the drug is needed to feel the same effects. During the Vicodin withdrawal period, the body and mind will expect that more of the drug will enter the system and will start to malfunction the longer that the body does not have the drug. Because Vicodin is not a time-release drug, the addict quickly builds up a tolerance making Vicodin withdrawal much more difficult that detoxing off other types of drugs.

Vicodin withdrawal is not comfortable and although it seems ridiculous, many users would rather die that have their drugs taken away. If Vicodin withdrawal does not take place under the supervision of professionals, chances of lasting recovery are very slim.

At Spencer Recovery Centers we offer addict the opportunity to undergo a safe detox from Vicodin. By containing the detoxing addict in a medical facility, the chances for success become much higher. Our caring staff understands how painful the process is and they are ready to walk with each client every step of the way. Going through Vicodin withdrawal is the first step to beginning a new life. If you or someone you love needs to go through Vicodin withdrawal or has a problem with other substances, please contact us today and get the help you need.